$49.00 / pcs

Elegant handmade notebook made with fine quality Mexican leather and eggshell paper. This is a timeless piece to carry in all your adventures and that will age with your travels.


L: 11cm x 21cm, 128 pages, eggshell paper (travel size)

S: 9cm x 12cm, 128 pages, eggshell paper (passport size)


Mr Fox

Mr Fox was born from my passion for leather craftsmanship 
and an insatiable need for exploration. 

I travelled to the State of Guanajuato to learn first hand from a local leather craftsman the art and principles that for centuries have enabled this region to become one of the leading leather capitals of the world.

Our mission is to create timeless companions for the travels ahead,
inspiring designs that bring a sense of adventure to everyday life.

We value people, creativity and profit in equal measure and our artisans are paid fairly for their ingenuity and dedication to their craft.

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