Smile Tee

$35.00 / pcs

The "I Smile When I Want To" tee is made with the current state of our mental health in mind. We're often told to smile when we don't want to, avoiding our true feelings or pushing back on the real state of the world around us.

As women, we're often told to smile in the face of a man, to make him more "comfortable" or make yourself appear more approachable or "feminine" if you smile.

When purchasing this tee, you're agreeing to make your voice and stance heard on staying true to how you feel and saying f*** you to the cat-callers of the world who don't want to believe that I SMILE WHEN I WANT TO.

100% Cotton Tee


Unisex Fit

Order 1-2 Sizes Up for an Oversized Look

Material and Fit
100% Cotton Unisex Fit
Wash on delicate cycle and hang dry for a longer-lasting print.


Founded in 2017, Sub|Urban accessorizes ethically and artistically to bring you eco-friendly designs, made and sourced in the USA. Our accessories feature the original artwork of artist, and our founder, Amber Snearl.

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