Janes Leopard Belt bag

Animal print belt bag

$240.00 $120.00 / Unit Save 50%

Yes, we decided to take a walk on the wild side with the Janes capsule Collection. Inspired by the intrepid and courageous Janes of the world, we conceived this capsule collection as a way to boldly break the consistency of an outfit and add an attention-grabbing element to audacious looks. The result is a chic, sophisticated yet daring and easy to wear belt bag, which will help you keep your hand free while carrying all your essentials organised. Designed to sit on your waist, it can be just as easily be slumped over the shoulder like a body bag.



Kmana is a creative studio based in Indonesia deeply committed to sustainability and the principles of slow fashion. Kmana was born as a bridge to connect heritage indigenous craftsmanship, infused with contemporary design, with an audience of makers, shakers and wanderers who values unique, timeless, quality pieces, made in small batches and produced ethically and responsibly.

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