Colorful warning

100% Recycled Cotton T-shirt

$48.00 / pcs

Carrying out this design will give you 99% chances that if there's a single Cuban (or someone who has been in the No winter Island) they will look at you in total complicity. Asere is a cultural and popular term, which Cuban use to refer to their peers (kind of calling someone dude or bro). This tee is a colorful warning for those who can be pretty annoying and don’t know when to stop.

This t-shirt belongs to the No Winter Island collection by Clandestina, and is crafted from 100% Recycled Cotton obtained from the recuperation and transformation of fabric cutting waste into manufactured premium textiles. Clandestina joined efforts with Giotex, one of the most important companies in the Americas regarding the production of sustainable textiles, which has worked with brands like Patagonia due to its chemical-free and low environmental impact processes.

The Caribbean region, tremendously affected by climate change and global warming effects, has encouraged these industry players to work together towards a worldwide ethical fashion model in the midst of the global crisis.

No Winter Island (NOWI) targets the idea of global warming, although it’s also related to our permanent summery Caribbean state without properly naming it. The challenge, indeed, is to communicate the sense of the island, the tropical vibes, from a place where snow and winter are also a symbol of colonization.

Material and Fit
RE-WEAR T-shirt R COTTON 100 Weight: 180 gr/m2 Width: 170 cm Performance: 3.2 m Type of knit: Jersey 100% Recycled Cotton Printed in Silkscreen


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