Riding Sox V1.0

A simple, non-gendered, hi-vis on and off bike accessory.

$17.00 / pcs

These riding socks are anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, and have extra toe + heel reinforcement. They feature reflective details and arch support.

These socks are designed for cars to catch the reflective at the back of your ankle - so make sure the reflective press is right at the back and your pants are rolled up for max visibility.

34% Coolplus, 32% Nylon, 31% Protimo, 3% Lycra

One size only, US 8.5

Manufactured in Taipei, Taiwan, by a factory that have NBCU Official Factory Approval for ethical conduct.

NB: These socks do not come with any single-use packaging - they come 'nude', with all care instructions and details listed here.


to Barwyn and back

to Barwyn and back® was founded by Gemma Baxter in Melbourne in 2015. They triumph hi-visibility in a small collection of thoughtfully detailed street-wear garments with the urban cycle commuter in mind. They are excited by the idea of influencing more cycling in cities through thoughtful, adaptable garments made from technical fabrics with the ride in mind.

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