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We provide rising ethical fashion brands access to global markets

The Canvas is a global community for all brands and consumers that unite around the common goal of ethical fashion. Together we are transforming the fashion industry by aligning our work and creations to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Join The Canvas as a brand and display your products in our online shop as well as our retail location Manhattan. Participating brands can sell with ease as all sales, shipping, and inventory management are facilitated through The Canvas. On top of that your brand will be featured in our photo shoots, social media, and traditional media publications that generate tremendous brand exposure and steady sales.

The Canvas is much more than a fashion store, we are a global community of like-minded companies, creatives and individuals that strive to transform fashion together. We support each other and share experiences.

We turn vacant spaces into sustainability hubs in highly foot trafficked locations.The Canvas brings these spaces to life through retail, live cultural programming, music, and strategic partnerships.Currently our community is made up of 200+ brands: small to medium in size, from Paris to Indonesia, Peru to India, offering unique products and stories to The Canvas locations to be introduced to the world. 

Together we bring the world to ethical fashion.

Reduce, Reuse, and Retail. 

These are the methods that we’ve deemed essential to a responsible environment that promotes considerate purchasing, and a space where buying something new isn’t the only way to contribute.

Reduce waste

We encourage our brands and customers to be long-term purchasers and producers, making and buying products designed to last or be reused. 

Reuse whenever possible

By participating in clothing swaps, upcycling events, fabric repurposing and more, The Canvas is committed to facilitating closed loop exchanges wherever possible. 


We reimagine with an emphasis on responsible supply chain and design. All brands at The Canvas must apply and align with at least two of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Palette

Our in-house publication brings information, interviews and all you need to know about our partners, events and continued efforts to address the Sustainable Development Goals. We’ll help tell your story through this channel.

Common places, Uncommon spaces 

The Canvas Bowery

The Canvas Bowery, located in Manhattan on the iconic Bowery street neighboring Soho, the Lower East Side and the East Village spans 6,000 square feet. Located within a space formerly used as a museum by the International Center for Photography, our Bowery location serves as a bridge between the art and fashion communities. 

The Canvas Bowery is home to over 70 of our brands, and also holds an ever changing and curated collection of art, a photo studio for editorial campaigns and a design workshop. 

The Canvas World Wide Web

The Canvas World Wide Web is our online e-commerce platform that brings unique products of over 200 brands from around the world to a global audience. The online platform connects directly with our brands through a fully transparent backend that gives any brand the ability to access their sales and inventory data.

Applying to The Canvas: Community over Competition 

  1. Fill in your brand application to join The Canvas here.
  2. After submitting your application, a member of The Canvas team will contact you within (10) ten working days.
  3. Welcome to our community of unique brands and unique people.
  4. You’ll be introduced to your account manager. Together you’ll review the vendor agreement, commission and shipping structure, and go through our welcome packet.
  5. You’ll be connected to a support manager to review The Canvas OS, guidelines, tracking and sending, and all details related to inventory, sales and fulfilment. 
  6. Your products on The Canvas OS: products are purchasable by our customers and you are eligible to be curated into a physical store in The Canvas network.
  7. Let the sales begin! Once your products start selling, payouts are processed by request and data and insights can be found in your brand portal. 

Looking forward to readying your application and getting to know more about your brand. 

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How does shipping work?

Brands ship product to The Canvas locations at their own expense and with whichever shipping provider they prefer. The Canvas offers discounted shipping rates through UPS - to access discounted shipping rates ask a Canvas representative for details. Once apart of The Canvas, we work with a combination of Canvas Fulfilment (we ship for you) and Dropship (you ship yourself).

Do you buy products up front?

No, The Canvas operates entirely on a commission basis.

Who is your typical customer?

The Canvas makes itself accessible to a wide range of customers and our customer base varies from store to store. Our primary customers range in age from 18-45, and we’ve noticed a trend towards more female customers than male.

How do you handle taxes?

The Canvas collects and pays the necessary sales taxes and VAT on each sale. Brands will still be liable for any income tax imposed by their local governments.

Who pays for shipping inventory to The Canvas locations? How do you deal with customs?

Brands are liable for their own shipping and duty costs, however, The Canvas offers discounted shipping rates through UPS. Please reach out to your contact at The Canvas to learn more.

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