Blazer Nº1
  • $395.00

VICENZI explores ways to make beautiful and thoughtful things, to help humans and nature connect and live as one. They are proud to be in the vanguard of designing for circularity. Sustainability is a philosophy; circular design is a method and a system. VICENZI believes that clothing is our tool for connection. They create best-in-class essential styles, made from earth-friendly renewable materials. 100% of materials are reusable, at least 95% of materials used are regenerative and biodegradable, and the remainder is deadstock sourced from luxury designer production lines. Elegance is beauty from simplicity – VICENZI garments were designed to streamline care, tailoring, mending, and ultimately disassembly for re-cycling through the ecosystem. To minimize the carbon footprint of their garments and their individual components, VICENZI minimize resources required to produce, produce in small batches, and monitor production to save any excess materials and scraps for reuse. VICENZI takes back, restores, and/or resells garments at fair market rates when customers no longer need them for any reason. They reuse raw materials to rebuild new garments when repair or resale are no longer viable. They work tirelessly to ensure finished garments are not sent to landfills.