to Barwyn and back

Riding Socks
  • $17.00
Weekend Shorts
  • $135.00
Adventure Long Sleeve 2.0
  • $65.00
Riding Gown
  • $150.00
  • $100.00
  • $150.00
  • $115.00

to Barwyn and back® designs technical streetwear to encourage a more adventurous lifestyle for young urban dwellers. Featuring technical fabrics with characteristics such as antimicrobial, moisture-wicking, water-repellent, quick-dry, reflectivity and more, the brand triumphs hi-visibility in a small collection of thoughtfully detailed streetwear garments. The garments are designed in Brunswick East and manufactured in Award compliant (ECA) manufacturers in Melbourne. They are committed to continual research and development to produce garments that allow a rebranding of the cycle commuter to influence positive change on a broader level to contribute to local communities and encourage cycling in cities.

to Barwyn and back® cares deeply about contributing products that can positively benefit people and the environment. The main motivator for designing commuter-cycling apparel is to bring awareness to the positive implications of the activity on urban environments. Cycling has a positive affect on communities and streetscapes, road congestion, public transport pressures, and of course mental and physical health for individuals. The innovative designs contribute something wildly unique to the industry. In all marketing and liaising with customers, the company puts education and transparency at the forefront of the conversation, conducting open and honest dialogue about design and manufacture processes, pricing, sizing, and issues the brand faces, to try to educate consumers to value fashion more appropriately and reflect on their own consumption behaviors.