Tove by design

Maker Skirt Long - Raw
  • $130.00
Trade Dress - Raw
  • $140.00

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Maker Skirt Short - Brown Chambray
  • $120.00
Maker Skirt Long - Grey
  • $130.00
Farmer Apron Dress - Grey
  • $155.00
Farmer Apron Dress - Raw
  • From $155.00
Maker Skirt Long - Indigo
  • $130.00
Maker Skirt Long - Light
  • $130.00
Maker Skirt Short - Light
  • $120.00
Maker Skirt Short - Indigo
  • $120.00
Maker Skirt Short - Raw
  • From $120.00
Maker Skirt Short - Grey
  • $120.00

Tove by design represents ongoing efforts towards environmental and social change on 3 continents.
The Maker Skirt company is powered by Tove Ohlander, US, and Annika Axelsson, Sweden, Co-founders of Tove by Design. Together with industry partners in India, they offer a production chain that doesn’t compromise ethical or ecological values. Their partners are amongst the leading producers of garments in certified organic cotton, with fair working conditions all the way from the cotton seed to the last stitch. Their signature garment, The Maker Skirt, was a project born out of a collaboration between two professional women from different industries wanting to make a difference. The foundation of Maker Skirt is a combination of Annika’s commitment to research & development in sustainability, fused with Tove's creative design/style/product development skills, and experiences within the glass manufacturing industry. "