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Mia Long
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Agnes Long
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Studio Markovic is a place where they implement research, fashion design, sustainability in fashion together with knitwear and crochet techniques in order to create beautiful sustainable and unique products. Commitment to longevity, creating high quality items that are meant to outlive us is one of the main pillars of the brand. The women in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina who make their collections are at the very heart of their Studio and their goal is to provide them with a fair and stable income and a solid base for the future. A lot of time is spent living and working with artisans, perfecting the techniques and patterns for their designs and producing quality handmade items that you will cherish for years. In addition, each item is personally signed by the knitter who created it, ensuring that its ultimate owner, wherever they may be, has a better understanding of the time and the commitment woven into their individual garment. Studio Markovic continuously works with various garment factories in Croatia that have unused material on stock that their potential clients never paid for and/or they produced in excess. Buying it off for a fair price and using these discarded materials, stock that would have ended its life sadly and prematurely is given a new opportunity to shine. A new life.