Sourcery Label was founded on the belief that the future of fashion lies in innovative takes on completely natural fabrics. Their Sustainably Sourced, Machine Washable 100% Silk garments combat toxins on two levels: by replacing the use of fossil-fuel based synthetics like polyester,
and by eliminating the need for dry-cleaning, which can be laden with hazardous chemicals. As a designer in the industry for over a decade, founder Nicole Rattner was responsible for quantities of garments totalling in the millions, before setting out on her own to start Sourcery.
"I've been to the factories overseas and I've seen the scale of the change that needs to take place. The washable silk we've created is a step in the right direction, because it is a win-win: it’s better for you because you don’t have to dry clean it, and better for the environment because
it comes from the earth and returns to it with minimal impact.”