Reflect Studio

Official WWF Licensed Unisex Bear Embroidery Super Soft Light Grey Hoodie
  • $75.00
Official WWF Licensed Unisex Red Fox Embroidery Quarter Zip Super Soft Black Sweatshirt
  • $65.00
Official WWF Licensed Unisex Emperor Penguin Print White T-Shirt with Ribs
  • $30.00
Official WWF Licensed Eco-friendly Reflector Slogan Printed Black Tote Bag
  • $30.00
Official WWF Licensed Bear Embroidery Eco-friendly Orange Tote Bag
  • $25.00
Official WWF Licensed Red Fox Embroidery Eco-friendly Navy Tote Bag
  • $25.00

Reflect Studio is the official licensor of WWF - Turkey (World Wide Fund for Nature), designing and manufacturing clothing garments, accessories and lifestyle products. They produce garments in fair-trade certified factories, using sustainable materials. To ensure trust through radical transparency, Reflect Studio shares the entire journey behind each product from yarn to packaging, making the stories of all garments visible via QR codes that are sewed inside every unique garment.