Masek Shirt
  • $225.00
Sero Blouse
  • $275.00
Salaam Dress
  • $290.00
Insa Wide Leg Pants
  • $225.00
Apron Dress
  • $290.00
Floyd Flight Suit
  • $425.00
Beacon Coat
  • $425.00
Philip K Sweat
  • $265.00
Insa Wide Leg Shorts
  • $249.00
Utility Skirt
  • $219.00

OMNIA ex NIHILO is a brand of effortless garments for discerning individuals. Meaning “everything out of nothing,” OMNIA ex NIHILO creates modern silhouettes with a minimalist aesthetic in a classic neutral color palette. OMNIA incorporates natural fibers into understated, timeless garments meant to be worn through the years. Our goal is to pair clothing consciously constructed in NYC with elevated designs in order to democratize both ethical and elegant design and with the intention of bringing slow fashion to a globally aware consumer.

OMNIA use sustainable 100% natural fibers, most of which are organic and employ low water dyeing techniques. All of their production takes place in NYC's garment district, where workers are paid livable wages and are afforded all the protections provided to workers in the USA.