Denim Cropped Jacket
  • $280.00
Bug Sweater
  • $280.00
Silent Bell Bracelet
  • $125.00
Bug Embroidered Jacket
  • $385.00

Neda Sharafi approaches fashion as a medium for artistic exploration and creativity with respect in craftsmanship and human touch, targeting audiences who are supportive of slow fashion and health of our planet while influencing more cautious consumption habits. Neda's designs are made from natural fibers such as organic cotton and avoids any harmful chemicals during their dying process. They source cautiously with minimum material waste during the manufacturing process and repurposing leftovers, creating exclusive, one of a kind and limited edition pieces. Neda Sharafi is based in Park Slope, Brooklyn and collaborates with female artisans from her home country, Iran as well as India, creating opportunities for crafters to display their talents. One of Neda Shafari's goals is to introduce designs that are made for everyone regardless of their gender, creating silhouettes that feel both practical and comfortable. Neda Shafari feels responsibility to open conversation about present global issues and leave a positive impact on the environment through her unique one of a kind designs.