Kerry Phelan Designs

Mask/Scrunchie Set Grapefruit
  • $32.00
Oversize Vintage Organza Scrunchie
  • $25.00
Mask/Scrunchie Set Floral Print
  • $27.00
Mask/Scrunchie Set Ivory
  • $32.00
Yellow Quilt Coat
  • $300.00
Vintage Dollie Purse
  • $60.00
Oversized Vintage Lace Scrunchie
  • $25.00
Picnic Tote
  • $70.00
Crochet Cover Tote
  • $50.00
Farmers Market Tote
  • $50.00
Mask/Scrunchie Set Peach
  • $32.00
Mask/Scrunchie Set Sage
  • $32.00
Mask/Scrunchie Set Charcoal
  • $32.00
Contrast Crochet Sweater
  • $220.00
Cream Crochet Sweater
  • $220.00
Crochet Collar Sweatshirt
  • $180.00
Quilt Sweater Jacket
  • $250.00
Teal Quilt Coat
  • $400.00

Sustainable, inclusive handmade clothing constructed from repurposed vintage one-of-a-kind deadstock fabrics. A designer inspired by nature, Kerry Phelan’s garments hold a high standard in sustainability from textile sourcing to design application and production. Recent collections focus on exploring new ways to repurpose vintage table linens, and second-hand clothing using a zero-waste process. Materials of natural fibers such as linen, cotton, silk and various recycled textiles are staples of the brand.
Kerry Phelan Designs strives to eliminate fashion’s negative impact on the environment by working in progression with the United Nations initiative for a more sustainable future. Sustainable Development Goals focusing on Responsible Consumption and Production and Reducing Inequalities are central to Kerry Phelan Designs’ mission to utilize fashion as a platform for good.