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Laptop Sleeve 15"
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Laptop Sleeve 13"
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Passport Cover
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The growing number of plastic waste lead two friends to take action in 2016: GOT BAG was founded by two friends that wanted to change something about the pollution of our oceans. It started as a passion project and ever since their mission is called GOT BAG. In Indonesia, one of the epicenters of plastic pollution, GOT BAG team colleague Max manages Clean-Up. With this project they not only want to free our oceans from plastic, but they are involved in all activities as an immediate part of recycling. GOT BAG works in close contact with the population and local fishermen to raise awareness. To this end, they hold talks and organize training sessions on waste separation, among other projects. With the combined power of our network of fishermen, textile workers, designers and technicians, NGOs and organizations as well as ocean lovers, GOT BAG believes that changing the world for the better is possible. They believe in the united efforts of everyone who is involved to “Create an Impact” to our nature, people and our planet.