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Bamboo Toothbrush - Single and Set of 2
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Bamboo Dental Floss
  • $6.00

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Copper Water Bottle
  • $29.00
Natural Cork Yoga Mat with Canvas Bag
  • $90.00
Bamboo Toothbrush Case
  • $12.00

Who are We?
Our Story
We are two people who are trying to achieve a Zero waste lifestyle. In that process, we want to help others looking for a way for a sustainable ethical lifestyle, without compromising on their health, safety & wellness. On our journey to building a sustainable & ethical business, we discovered that so many materials that qualify as sustainable and good for the planet are also good for people, enabling us to lead a safer & healthier lifestyle.
With this goal of sustainable wellness in mind, we started Elephant People, a people-first company bringing sustainability within the reach of planet-conscious consumers who also want to improve their personal well-being.
Our products are made from responsibly sourced, antimicrobial materials like Bamboo & Cork, which are biodegradable & renewable, and Copper, a continuously recyclable material.
Join us in making this world a better place and caring for the human race. This is just the beginning.
Instagram: @elephantpeopleco
Website: https://elephantpeople.co/