Dorina Kappatos is an artist. From fashion, to furniture and interior design, to installations and media art, her work is a manifestation of her thoughts on the nature of humans and society. The philosophy of constructivism, De Stijl, and Bauhaus shows clearly in everything she does.

Her goal is to produce well designed clothes free of the constraints of gender as it has been defined by society. Utilizing her knowledge of furniture and interior design, Dorina creates pieces that work with the blank canvas that is the human body, to make the wearer feel comfortable, powerful, different, unique, and equal.

She goes against the trend of creating seasonal collections and focuses on creating timeless pieces which can be used throughout the year as building blocks for each one's personal style. Like book chapters, single designs come after the previous and are added to the collection that will comprise the Dorina Kappatos brand.

To guarantee that the clothing is of high quality, while at the same time making sure that every single person involved is paid fairly for their work, Dorina collaborates with small local businesses in Greece, in order to support her community.