Bralette in natural fabric | Light brown
  • $38.00
High compression sport bra
  • $118.00
Medium compression sport bra - Teal
  • $103.00
Light compression sport bra - Black
  • $97.00
Woman's sport breathable T-Shirt
  • $134.00
Woman's sport T-Shirt - Teal
  • $134.00
Woman's sport T-Shirt - Black
  • $134.00
Woman's sport breathable tank top
  • $113.00
Man's sport breathable T-Shirt
  • $148.00
Woman's sport tank top - Teal
  • $97.00
Woman's sport tank top - Black
  • $97.00
Man's sport T-Shirt - Teal
  • $148.00
Man's sport T-Shirt - Black
  • $148.00
Woman's sport high compression leggings
  • $191.00
Man's sport high compression leggings
  • $179.00
Woman's sport leggings - Teal
  • $152.00
Woman's sport leggings - Black
  • $152.00
Man's sport leggings - Black
  • $152.00

At CasaGIN we work with the resources that our planet offers us, innovating on the aesthetic, functional properties and sustainability of fabrics. Indeed, we believe that without major changes in production processes and consumption patterns, the social and environmental costs of the sector will continue to increase: a new way of thinking is therefore necessary. This is why we aim for a circular economy: enhancement of raw materials and greater attention to each stage of the value chain.
We only work with certified and reliable suppliers demonstrating our same ethical and sustainability-oriented vision, aiming to make the supply chain of our garments as transparent as possible. Our ethical production takes into consideration the many operators working behind the scenes to make this project possible: from the farmers cultivating the raw materials to the workers embroidering our garments. 
We are constantly looking for more sustainable and innovative fabrics: natural, organic, biodegradable or recycled fibers, so as to reduce the consumption of water, energy and CO2 during the production process. We focus on developing durable and quality garments: the best way to be sustainable is to limit consumption and switch to long-lasting products.
Our fabrics are guaranteed by certifications such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, EU Ecolabel, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Global Recycle Standard (GRS), Bluesign, REACH and many others.