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Bolso is a premium hand-crafted leather goods company founded on the idea of problem solving; they design and manufacture ethical lifetime products at modest prices.
Minimalism and craftsmanship are core to all Bolso products, with a focus on creating timeless pieces of heirloom quality. Bolso sources custom vegetable-tanned adult bovine hides from a Leather Working Group certified tannery to ensure quality and minimal environmental impact. Additionally, their hardware and Mayan textiles are locally sourced and assembled at their lakefront workshop in San Pedro la Laguna, Guatemala; where local artisans select from the hand-tools lining the walls to: cut, skive, and perforate the leather prior to gluing and sewing each piece by hand for a more robust construction.
Bolso’s commitment to investing 20% of their profits in local environmental and social projects brings everything full-circle, ensuring it always remains mutually beneficial.