Amalya Meira

Blanca Tee
  • $85.00

Sold out

Eclipse Dress
  • $189.00
Modle Cap
  • $65.00
Ziggy Dress
  • $225.00
Moss Dress
  • $540.00
Piet Mini
  • $87.00
Twinc Top
  • $75.00

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Mag Rose Top
  • $105.00
Mooni Coat
  • $285.00
Fontain Coat
  • $350.00
Cosm Top
  • $150.00
Setta Jacket
  • $225.00
Chess Top
  • $105.00
Frogge Vest
  • $230.00
Tria Skirt
  • $85.00
Stari Mini
  • $145.00
Clas Tank
  • $85.00
Poppi Jacket
  • $205.00

Each Amalya Meira piece carries a Fable
Process is Paramount
Created using Zero Waste construction-repurposed vintage textiles mingle in strange harmony with hand printed mohairs-Sun stroked silks and leathers are printed with the playful science of Cyanotype-Maternal sterling silver adorns closures, while hand crochet softens.
Clothing as wearable Sculpture
These pieces are Created for the Curious to Love.
All textiles used to create Amalya Meira pieces are natural fibers or up cycled/deadstock textiles, and are often both. Production is done solely by Amalya who employs zero waste patterning to construct. Tags and Hand tags are also made from scrap fabric. Amalya sources textiles from innovative organizations such as Fab Scrap and Materials for the arts as well as old favorites Goodwill, Salvation Army and the the illusive yard sale.