Emergency Mask
  • $15.00
Survivor Made Mask
  • $15.00
Pocket Tee
  • $50.00
Open Source Fashion Cookbook
  • $60.00
Reflective Sling
  • $95.00
Reflective Cross Body
  • $95.00
  • $25.00
Limited Edition Pack
  • $222.00
Reflective Pullover Vest
  • $140.00
No Touch Key
  • $20.00
Limited Edition Cross Body
  • $95.00

Sold out

  • $300.00
XL Tote
  • $80.00
Lite Pack
  • $160.00
Reflective Pack
  • $222.00
Tent Base & Poles
  • $50.00
Slim tote
  • $50.00
Key Chain
  • $20.00

ADIFF is a female-founded design label creating statement accessories and outerwear for the city dweller and modern-day traveller while leveraging the fashion industry to address global issues and promote circularity + sustainability.

ADIFF understands displacement and climate change as inherently linked crises in the world. Their products leverage waste as a resource: recycling materials that would normally be trashed and using them as the raw material to create new product. Their goal is to bring circularity to the forefront of the fashion industry, setting an example for upcycling + sustainability.

Stylish and functional pieces designed for a life on the go. Accessories and outerwear meant for daily wear that you’ll be proud to talk about. Minimalist, functional pieces made from recycled materials that are built to last.

As a socially-conscious brand, ADIFF is challenging systems within the fashion industry, while also changing what society thinks fashion can accomplish. Their company is built on employing and empowering the displacement community globally, with a manufacturing facility that ethically employs resettled refugees in Athens, Greece.