Isabelle Earrings
  • $58.00
Diamond Earrings
  • $48.00
True North Necklace
  • $48.00
Nora Studs
  • $38.00
Kikaboni Cuff
  • $75.00
Trinity Earrings
  • $48.00
Margo Earrings
  • $40.00
Siv Studs
  • $34.00
Eliza Cuff
  • $68.00
Eliza Ring
  • $42.00
Kimberly Ring
  • $38.00
Eva Ring
  • $48.00
Nikki Bracelet
  • $48.00
Maggie Bracelet
  • $68.00
Octagon Bangle, Silver
  • $54.00
Octagon Bangle, Brass
  • $48.00
Spiral Earrings, Silver
  • $50.00
Spiral Earrings, Brass
  • $44.00

ABBY ALLEY is a design brand creating fashion collections in East Africa with the purpose of giving back to initiatives in the region providing access to education, basic needs, and jobs. They partner with extremely skilled artisans in Kenya and Tanzania. Every part of their supply chain is important to them, all of ABBY ALLEY's materials, from the brass hardware to the leather are both locally and ethically sourced. No animals were harmed or killed for fashion, as they only use leather that is a byproduct of the meat industry, an integral part of the local economy. ABBY ALLEY strives to bring pieces that transcend trends with sustainability ever on their minds they want you to love their pieces for years rather than having to constantly replace them.