Town Hall 9: PAUSE Fashion Hub

The Canvas’ ninth Town Hall featured co-founders of Pause Fashion Hub, Leticia Bordoni and Romina Pirani. PAUSE FASHION HUB is a global leading retail, activation, and consulting platform that specializes in showcasing, selling and promoting curated conscious fashion designers and brands collectively in the top cities of the world. The focus is on hosting multi-sensorial experiences to approach the audience and invite them to discover unique premium designed and ethically made pieces from every corner of the world. Opening up and spreading the importance of consciousness through art, sustainable consumption, and creative collaborations, are at the core of this project.
PAUSE prides itself on its strict selection process and high standards of design and presentation. PAUSE combines strong traffic of customers for typical retail with a more intimate, curated atmosphere of a luxury showroom, making it the absolute best venue for talented conscious fashion brands to present. Each edition is a whole unique dynamic experience to discover. Each edition is held in specially selected outstanding venues, together with fashion shows, art exhibitions and performances, and live music. PAUSE FASHION HUB experiences have been traveling the world, hosting editions in the most attractive and fashionable cities, from Amsterdam to New York, Paris, London, Barcelona, and Brussels. Throughout ten editions, we have worked with more than 300 brands with whom we nurture trusting and long-lasting relationships to this day.

Leticia Bordoni & Romina Pirani, Founders of PAUSE FASHION HUB

Leticia Bordoni graduated in international business and has a diverse background, as well as years of experience in developing and implementing communication strategies for engaging, promoting, creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships.
At the beginning of her career, Leticia worked in export and import for big multinationals companies based in Argentina. Later, she focused more on marketing and commercial aspects, being the Commercial Manager of an Argentinian franchise of luxury cosmetics such as, amongst others, Christian Dior, Chanel, Lancôme, Givenchy and Yves Saint Laurent. Responsible for the development, implementation and execution of sales & marketing strategies and the start-up of two lines of own brands. Before moving to Amsterdam, Leticia worked at Swatch as Regional Brand Manager for LATAM in Panama. She was responsible for the implementation of the marketing and retail operations strategy, oversight for several different retail locations in different countries. During her time in the Netherlands, she worked for an international eco-friendly Leather company based in Paris, as head of branding and communication. At PAUSE Fashion Hub, Leticia is in charge of the implementation of brand strategies, brand activation, marketing, and communications.

Romina Pirani studied accountancy and business management, complementing her studies with a long journey in different art disciplines since her early years, which gives her an interesting perspective on the organization. Graduated in Performing Arts, she studied Art Direction for Fashion at Central Saint Martins-University of Arts London. Having increased her skills with different couches, like Ana Garmendia in Paris and Federica Dall’Orso in New York. From 2012 she has been working as a freelancer in art direction, styling, costume and set design for different projects, like TED, Fashion Revolution, Unicef, Rosario’s Museum of Contemporary Art (Argentina), Santiago Fashion Film Festival (Chile), and for upcoming brands in Paris, Milan and New York. These experiences have encouraged her to combine creativity and business and to develop better skills in communication, aesthetics, and leadership. As a trademark in her projects, as in her outfits, she utilizes with reused, recycled, and or her family member’s garments, a philosophy from her teenage years. At PAUSE Fashion Hub, Romina is in charge of the creative direction and the designers, Performances and events’ curation for each experience, the coordination with designers, set up of spaces, visual merchandising and logistics

The Canvas formally acquires PAUSE FASHION HUB.

The Canvas will be continuing PAUSE FASHION HUB's mission as Leticia and Romina embark on new chapters in their lives. This Town Hall honored them and the incredible global community they have created over the past five years. Please see our formal statement below. 

Thank you to the Cofounders of PAUSE Fashion Hub, Leticia Bordoni & Romina Pirani, for creating this community and trusting The Canvas to move it forward.

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