By: Jessica Fillak

Scarsborough drive, or SbDr, is an innovative upcycle brand creating casual men’s streetwear. Founder David Hice details his inspiration for starting the brand.

“My mother, brother, and I have been making clothes together throughout my whole life. I spent a lot of time standing next to my mother at the sewing table, watching her sew, so that’s where I get my passion for clothing. Some of my earliest creations came from the left-over fabrics from the patterns she was using.” 

“Scarsborough Drive” is named after the street David grew up on in Virginia where many of his creations originated. Scarsborough Drive, SbDr for short, was meant to be a working name, David explains, but eventually, it just stuck.

“Most of the cut and sew happens on Scarborough Drive. I get the excess fabric, some of which has just been sitting in our attic for about 30-40 years, from there. We use a lot of the fabric for the masks we're making now, as well as for the pocket tees.  That's why we kept the name—it's where it all started and it's where most of it still happens.”

David’s mother sews pockets made from excess fabric found in their home on t-shirts, with David’s brother designing the artwork which David screen-prints here in Brooklyn. This collaboration strengthens their family relationship, an aspect of SbDr David is most proud of, while also respecting the environment. Excess fabric is given a new life, and production takes place in-house. 

SbDr has branched out from t-shirts with footwear and upcycled watches.

Inspired by his travels, David partners with individuals in Thailand to produce durable, collapsible, and lightweight shoes made from recycled fabric and rubber. SbDr also produces watches made out of aluminum, a creation that was inspired by a design that David came across while traveling in Hong Kong.

SbDr proves that sustainability does not have to be compromised for innovation.

“We started this business with what we already had access to and upcycling them. We wanted to do more than just upcycle trash, we wanted to make things that people really wanted to wear.”

This commitment to using what you already have can be seen in every aspect of SbDr, right down to their business cards.

“One of the coolest things I’ve made are my business cards, I have two older brothers and have a ton of baseball cards in our attic, so I screen-print on to them. People love it because it’s also a collectible item." 

In the future, SbDr hopes to scale their growing business in a way that is still responsible and sustainable. 

“Being a part of The Canvas and watching what other brands are doing to make a positive impact has inspired me and helped elevate my brand to be more sustainable, which has been awesome.” 

You can find SbDr online and at The Canvas Williamsburg.