By: Jessica Fillak

Founder Cristina Aguayo details her inspiration for starting her sustainable swimsuit brand, REVVV SWIM. 

""My project, REVVV SWIM, started from seeking a go-to sustainable swimsuit that was built for swimming without compromising on style, and could easily be worn indoors and outdoors. The idea, unsurprisingly, came to me while swimming. I had recently gotten back into swimming over a decade after competing in high school and, while swimsuit shopping, I realized the athletic swimsuit style had not evolved to match my tastes as a working professional. So I went on to design a swimsuit that I liked that was higher quality, more modern, stylish, and fit my lifestyle – could be just as stylish at a pool as on the beach. It’s more sporty than glamorous yet more versatile than your standard lap suit."

Cristina also draws inspiration from her grandmother who was a seamstress, as well as her foundational design courses in college, nature, music, art, and architecture. With that, she decided to create the sustainable swimsuit, an investment wardrobe piece that would stand the test of time. 

"Our products promote responsible consumption by aiming to be an eco-friendly investment piece in your wardrobe. This is achieved not only through design, but the use of cutting-edge recycled  fabrics, minimizing our carbon footprint, as well as embodying our values."

REVVV SWIM uses 100% recycled Italian fabric to craft swimsuits, bringing functionality and sustainability to the forefront.

"Function and craftsmanship are key elements of our design principles. This is why the quality of our materials, including stitching and hardware, are so important. I sought superior fabric that was made sustainably, which is why we use only the highest quality Italian textiles that have a range of international eco-certifications (PED Certification, ISO 4001, Oeko Tex, EU Reach Regulation, CM 4Sustainability, Global Recycled Standard). This ensures our suits can deliver on the promise of performance and design while upholding rigorous environmental and social criteria in the whole production chain."

REVVV SWIM also addresses social issues like gender equality and reduced inequalities.  

"We exist to liberate: through the people we hire, the products we create, the experiences we design, we’re always striving for equal opportunity. In our garment designs we plan to bring together outstanding, pioneering creators who represent diversity in ethnicity, gender and perspectives. We believe in the power of juxtaposition and partnerships to create a better future, and succeed by inviting our customers to be a part of that story."

Cristina believes that what we choose to wear on our bodies directly affects our physical and mental states. 

"REVVV SWIM allows people to move from an urge to live actively to the reality of living a vibrant active lifestyle, so they can look and feel their best in and out of the water."

Collaboration and community are strong values of REVVV SWIM. 
"We view REVVV SWIM as an ongoing collaborative project. We bring together outstanding, pioneering creators who represent diversity in ethnicity, gender and perspectives and believe in the power of juxtaposition and partnerships in order to succeed. At our core we are a brand that cultivates creativity and innovation and our products reflect this. In the future we plan to collaborate with creative friends, artists and small businesses to develop limited edition prints and patterns. This would happen further along the development process, as the fabric would be custom processed."

REVVV SWIM is excited to help you look and feel your unique best. Find REVVV SWIM at The Canvas Williamsburg, The Canvas Antwerp, and online.