The Canvas is proud to partner with Reflect Studio x WWF Market Turkey, an organization working to help local communities conserve the natural resources they depend upon; transform markets and policies toward sustainability; and protect and restore species and their habitats. 

Reflect Studio first started out as a sustainable clothing company and later evolved into a design and manufacturing office, focused on leveraging brand identities of institutions through aesthetic, functional, and sustainable products. They produce garments in fair-trade certified factories, using sustainable materials. To ensure trust through radical transparency, Reflect Studio shares the entire journey behind each product from yarn to packaging, making the stories of all garments visible via QR codes that are sewed inside every unique garment.

“WWF reached out to us because they wanted to create merchandise for one of their campaigns. While working with them, we realized that their products could use some improvements. We became their official licensor and created a platform that offers sustainable products that are design-driven and align with their mission. Now, we do the designs, marketing, and sales of WWF Turkey. Our goal is to reach out to all the WWF’s in the world and become their official licensor. “

Recently, Reflect Studio became the official licensor of Amnesty International Turkey to launch a sustainable Pride collection to support the LGBTQ community. Environmentally friendly and certified materials are used and fair-trade processes are adhered to at each stage of the manufacturing of products.

“Our clothing is tagged with QR codes so that customers can learn where we buy our yarns, where it is processed and dyed, and even where the factory and informational center is located. By doing this, we hope to show the importance of brands informing their customers of what is in their product. We very much support Fashion Revolution, and by providing these codes, we promote the very important question: Who made my clothes?”

Reflect Studio x WWF Market Turkey holds itself and its partners accountable for their impact by requiring sustainability certifications from the factories they work with and by only using 100% organic cotton.

“We use a system called Green Story. With every purchase customers makes on our site, they can see exactly what kind of materials we use, how many liters of water they saved by purchasing with us. We want our customers to be aware of their impact. In addition, we are always trying to integrate recycled and biodegradable products into our collections.”

Reflect Studio x WWF Market Turkey commits to local production, with the entire production process taking place in an impressive 116 kilometer span.

“Everything is locally designed and produced. From the yarn and dye we use, to the production, to the shipping, it is all within 116 km. For a fashion company, 116 km is a record number.”

WWF Market Turkey’s remarkable emphasis on locality drastically reduces their carbon foot print compared to companies that outsource production.

“To make up for our shipping impact, we work with DHL to offset our carbon emissions.”

Reflect Studio x WWF Market Turkey hopes to create a larger conversation around sustainability in Turkey by promoting sustainable practices on their social media.

“Turkey is one of the biggest textile importers, which means Turkish manufactures produce for international brands, so there is not an awareness around sustainability. We also don’t have strict regulations from the government, so many people do not know the importance of recycling or reducing plastic consumption. We see a shift happening with the new generation that demands transparency from the companies they support.”

Reflect Studio x WWF Market Turkey is excited to engage their Research and Development team to discover new ways to use deadstock fabric, and continues to collaborate with partners who aim to make a positive impact.

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