Town Hall 6: Augmented Reality: The Future of Retail

By: Jessica Fillak

The Canvas’ sixth Town Hall featured Lorenzo Corraza, founder of Change2. Change2 is a group of web and mobile app developers, marketers,
communication specialists, and project managers. They build on each other’s expertise, working together in teams to generate great outcomes. Change2 believes in a “customer first” approach which is coupled with low risk and high quality returns. Change2 is aims to create software for companies in different mechanical, medical, engineering, and other professionals sectors, using the most advanced technologies
available. Various applications are currently being developed with the aim of digitizing and innovating todays ways of graphical representation of company products with augmented, Virtual Reality and 3D configurators.

Lorenzo Corazza, Founder of Change2

Change 2’s Founder, Lorenzo, has always been a “nomad”. He started his working career working as Marketing Manager for Panini that allowed him to travel and understand the Chinese market and the different culture. After, almost a year he decided to go back to school and start an International master in London that pushed him to start his first business of rideshare advertisement, a still new and unknown concept. They entered a partnership with Apple, Vodafone and Uber and in just 2 weeks on the market had 800 drivers.

Lorenzo says: “However, discounting trips for the passengers on Uber cars wasn’t really appreciated by the government which shut us down by making a law against our business model. Sad, I came back to Italy and started working for many companies as employee... But I felt I wasn’t made for that, so after two years I decided to co-found Change2 with my business partner. In almost two year time we are leading the market of 3D’s and innovations."

Change 2: Augmented Reality Technology

With Change2 technology, users can simply point their phone's camera at a surface, and watch the virtual garment or accessory appear on their screen, as if it were really on the surface in front of them. This technology allows you to see all sides and angles of the garment, bringing the e-commerce experience to life. This technology is useful in the way in which it allows customers to view items that retailers may not have readily available, and is equally beneficial for the producer, as they can custom make their product in whatever color or style desired. For smaller brands hand making their products, this technology allows them to conserve time and resources by crafting the items customers most want. In turn, this chocie proves to be a sustainable one, as retailers will not end up with excess items that went unsold because of their color or style. Change2 allows retailers to test their market without risking the waste of resources. As these products are tested virtually, their style can easily be adjusted or customized, allowing for a quicker design process. 

The Future of Retail in a Post-Pandemic World

In a moment of social-distancing, the way in which the world shops will look different. With the necessity and convenience of e-commerce, traditional retail stores will have to change their approach. Lorenzo mentions a possibility of blending the two by using this service both online and in-store. For example, with just a scan of a QR code in a magazine, customers can instantly be transported into the digital world. Additionally, e-commerce platforms can benefit from augmented reality by by providing  a more engaged and emotional shopping experience, as these characteristics typically do not transfer digitally.

Change2 can connect with Instagram, allowing users to "try-on" garments and accessories through the platform with augmented reality. This will permit both brands and customers to have a more interactive shopping experience, which has undoubtedly been a challenge throughout this period.

Change2 will continue to bring designer's visions to life by blurring the lines between the brick and mortar and e-commerce experience.

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